4th Conference Theme


Promoting Peace, Harmony & Development through Education in the Indian Ocean

Global peace has become a major concern today. There is general restlessness in the entire world which is leading to widespread violence. The values of empathy and democratic secular values seem to have unfortunately taken a backseat. Education as a process seems to have lost track of the original purpose of bringing out the best in each individual. Even schooling seems to be a part of some competition and rat race. Under these circumstances there is a great need to reconsider our objectives of education and ensure that the principles of right living and nonviolence are incorporated into the process of education. Peace education offers us the themes that touch our lives every day by avoiding resolving conflicts, upholding values and appreciating diversity. It is based upon the philosophy that teaches nonviolence, love, compassion, trust, fairness, cooperation and reverence for all life on earth.

Peace education encompasses the concepts of education and peace. While it is possible to define education as systematic institutionalized transmission of knowledge and skills and of the basic values and norms that are accepted in a particular society, peace deserves a more explicit attention in today’s context. Peace is not simply the absence of war but an environment in which people are free from fear of potential and actual violence - a condition where mutual harmony flourishes and justice prevails. Peace education is concerned with helping learners to develop an awareness of the process and skills of tolerance and goodwill in the world today.