5th International Conference: Questions for Consideration

Questions for Consideration

A number of questions, including (but not limited to) the following are raised as the guiding thread for this conference:

1. Is it possible to achieve sustainable peace in the Indian Ocean region by rethinking epistemologies and innovating pedagogies?

2. Can the peace achieved in the Indian ocean (through Point 1 above) be translated to rest of the world?

3. What is the linkage between the trio of peace, epistemologies and pedagogies?

4. How to create a blend of epistemologies (to frame the philosophical part) and pedagogies (to frame the action part) in order to shape a new school atmosphere, a new curriculum, and a new educational setup conducive to fostering peace?

5. Should we rethink already existing epistemologies, which in turn will give rise to new innovative pedagogies?

The agenda of this conference is to harness comparative education for more meaningful well-being and improved quality of life in the Indian Ocean region and beyond for a shared present and hopeful common future. However, we welcome papers in all the conventional streams of comparative and international education, which will be segmented in suitable sub-themes of the conference program.